Websites and Graphic Designs

We are proud to be the preferred partner of our clients when it comes to online and offline marketing. Join Wesmara today to experience fully customised solutions that bring your sales efforts to the next level.

Who We Are

Wesmara is a creative marketing studio focused on websites, e-commerce, graphic design and online advertising. We are creative, innovative and experienced designers that cater to small and medium sized companies who desire full quality design services without compromising their business activity.

Our Mission and Vision

To provide the most excellent digital marketing solution service for businesses in the range of websites, e-commerce, graphic design and social media. To be recognised as the best marketing agency known for its quality services and customer experience focused solutions that helps businesses thrive.

Digital Services

Websites, Graphic Designs and Advertising

Websites and E-Commerce

Our deep knowledge in developing websites and e-commerce solutions guarantees you a future-proof product. Not just handsomely designed but also secure and fully functional on all devices to make it easy for your customers to get to know you and buy from you.

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Graphic Design and Branding

Creative and well-structured designs combined with interesting content help us to build powerful messages that people like to see, read and eventually share it with others. Good design helps and improves marketing and sales efforts, and create a voice of your brand that’s well heard.

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Social Media and Google

Digital advertising has the ability to find us a new customer base quickly without having to be on site ourselves. But the sheer amount of ads made it increasingly difficult to get the much needed attention. Sometimes ads are not even needed but smart and frequent postings will do the job.

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Websites that Fit Any Device

Our vast experience in developing websites from desktop to mobile is your guarantee, that all your customers can operate your website the way they want and get the information they need.

Online Stores that Match

Digital marketing is in full swing and reaching people beyond our store hours is now easier than ever. Get a fully integrated online store and sell your products anytime, anywhere and to anyone.

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Working with Wesmara was a highly successful collaboration. Their design and technical expertise enabled them to deliver on time and within budget. I strongly recommend them.

Andrew Frei, A. Frei & Partner GmbH
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Creativity is Our Language

We love to design things and explore new ways of advertising using different kinds of visual communications. The art of storytelling can be in various ways, let us create your idea.

Good Design is What We Aim

A product needs to be both visually appealing and easy to understand. From colours to typefaces, everything plays an important role how your product is being accepted. We will help you with experience.

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Honored To Work With

These Innovative Businesses

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Our team will help you reach your marketing goals with skills, knowledge and expertise. Let’s work!