Logo IT Consultancy

Services: Graphic Design
Company: A. Frei & Partner GmbH
Industry: IT Consultancy
Website: andrewfrei.com

A. Frei & Partner GmbH, Switzerland was searching for a graphic designer that could help create a logo for the business and entrusted the project to us.

Wesmara used the sans-serif typeface Quiche Display for the name as it is both elegant and serious. The dotted line and the two end dots represent the connection between the customer and A. Frei & Partner GmbH. The dots in between refer to the constant challenges we face and we try to solve. Keeping the relationship always in motion.

The slogan is written using the typeface Lato because of its corporate look which suits the IT industry. The slogan ‘Connecting the dots’ is a reference to connect things together to find the right solution.

andrew frei & partner it consultant logo

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