Kurti Cigars

Services: Website Design, SEO, Content Writing, Marketing Material, Branding
Company: Kurti Cigars
Industry: Retail
Website: kurticigars.com

Kurti Cigars, Switzerland was looking for a business partner who can build a solid online shop for their cigar brand and distributions. What started with an online shop became a branding project where we created and formed the brand it is today.

Building the online shop we tried to give it more personality which is why we didn’t focus on selling first but on ‘getting to know’ Kurti Cigars first. This gave the website a more emotional feel and we were able to direct visitors without pressure to the shop. We took care in writing the content to promote the cigar brand as a serious but approachable one.

For the branding of Kurti Cigars we needed to dive deeper into the industry and used colours that match the tobacco and fonts with a rather delicate character. We created several marketing materials such as name cards, flyers and booklets, which were then printed and distributed to bars and restaurants.

cigar retailer website kurti
cigar retail brochure design
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